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he news that His Highness the King of Bahrain was kind enough to donate land to the Catholic Church in Bahrain to build a Cathedral, was received with a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm by the Catholic faithful in Bahrain. While we remain ever grateful to the Royal Family for their continued benevolence, we should never forget also the tireless effort put in by our dear Bishop, Camillo Ballin towards this great initiative.

It was left to the entire Community of Sacred Heart Parish to decide on ways and plans to raise funds towards this prestigious dream project. The Malayalam Catholic Community in the parish launched two plans towards this task:

1- A Pledge Scheme: This is the system for each parishioner / family to contribute a set amount of money (based on salary and benefits) towards the Cathedral project. The amount will have to be paid only in monthly instalments. This ongoing system has met with tremendous success.

2- The community also planned a fund-raising programme termed ‘Carnival-2014’ – a mega-event, incorporating all the various communities in the parish. It was a multi-national / multi-lingual programme aimed at receiving support from each and every single member of the parish.

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This prestigious event was planned for two days – 1st and 2nd May 2014 at the Indian School Grounds. The first day was intended for members of the Malayalee community, featuring programmes in Malayalam, in addition to a variety of stalls and modes of entertainment. We were honoured with the presence of our dear Bishop Camillo Ballin and several distinguished guests.

On the second day, the star attraction was the musical performance by REXBAND, who performed in Bahrain for the first time. This band has performed thrice at World Youth Day, apart from its various other performances in different parts of the world. This was definitely a unique music experience – a true God experience – for the entire audience. Apart from this, different communities put up shows reflecting their customs and traditions. On the second day, too, our dear Bishop was with us, and his presence was truly an encouragement and delight for all those who attended the event.

Around 10,000 persons attended the Carnival. It was a never-forget experience, a first initiative in the history of the Sacred Heart Parish. And it will remain in the minds of all, for many more years to come.

The Bahrain Malayalam Catholic Community is truly proud that this significant event was a huge success towards raising funds for the construction of the Cathedral in Awali. We take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks to all those who contributed in one way or other in making this event a memorable one!

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