Multipurpose Building: The Bishop’s House and Pastoral Center


he multipurpose building (Bishop’s House and Pastoral Center) is adjacent to the Cathedral. The facade has characteristic rounded arches and the building itself has five floors.

The first two floors are for the activities of the Parish Communities (halls for catechism, parish group meetings, etc.) and the residence and offices of the priests in charge of the Cathedral, and the office of the Bishop and his assistants.

There is a guest house for formation on the third and fourth floors of 60 rooms each with double beds and toilet. This is for people who come to our Vicariate with very little knowledge about where they are. Hence, there is a need to help them know the history, geography, as well as the laws and traditions of these countries, in order to facilitate their peaceful integration. For, if one does not have knowledge, one cannot love fully. The purpose of the guest house is for human, social, and interreligious formation.

The fifth floor is the Bishop’s House. It comprises the residence of the Bishop and those of his closest assistants.


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